Should I sleep or do homework?

Have you ever been to that crossline when you would have to choose between your homework and sleep? Sometimes boredom, exhaustion, and lack of motivation may require that we abandon our homework and have a good sleep. 

But when you have a deadline to beat, you may be forced to push through all these to have it done. If you’ve ever experienced such a situation, how good were your grades? Certainly, you may have received a low mark and probably dozed off in class the following morning.

Students at the college and university levels mostly experience this situation as most of them have part-time jobs aside from schooling. Coming to school after work or vice versa gets them exhausted, and having to do homework at night becomes a nightmare. 

Is there an option? No! The only choice you have is to do the assignment or get a zero mark. At the higher levels of education, your professor wouldn’t entertain excuses. If they were to, then everyone would have a reason not to get homework done. 

The advantages of homework

Regardless of the controversies surrounding homework, the practice has improved some students’ academic achievement. Yes, there may be some excesses, including professors assigning loads of works that don’t even correlate with your course. Some may also require long hours to complete. That notwithstanding, a well-planned purposeful take-home task does more good to students. 

The need to do your assignment despite being tired teaches you some great life lessons, including time-management and self-discipline. You can manage your limited time to include all critical activities, like homework, helps you to stay focused. You can eliminate all distractions to work within time. Choosing your homework over a night’s sleep is a great sacrifice that can help you in future decision-making. You will always choose purpose over pleasure.

Facing challenges head-on makes your strong, so doing your home task while also needing sleep builds your resilience. Also, challenging yourself to achieve more during critical times defines successful and average people. Other benefits of homework include reinforcement of skills and serves as a preparation for the next topic.

Why you shouldn’t deprive yourself of sleep

Sleep deprivation has been one of the main concerns raised by people against long-hour homework. Denying yourself the required amount of sleep for an extended period can have adverse effects on your health. It causes depression, stress, anxiety, poor balance, and weakens your immune system. Imagine yourself staying awake throughout the night to do homework, how are you going to perform in class the next day? It is obvious that you will go to class exhausted and might doze off, lose focus, or miss most of the class lessons. On the other hand, a good sleep provides the body with the needed energy needed for the next day’s work. It improves cognition, alertness, and replenishes the brain. Let yourself rest well and order help with your assignments at Writing professionals know how to provide you with the highest quality work.


You should always find a balance between having a good sleep and having time to do your homework. Don’t substitute one for the other. Homework is important, but sleep is critical for development. 

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